Disaster Recovery as a service

Protect your operations against disaster


Cloud computing
service model

We have worked closely with customers to design and develop new disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution.

  • Back up data and IT infrastructure in a third party cloud computing environment
  • SaaS solution to provide all the DRaaS orchestration
  • Regain access and functionality to IT infrastructure after a disaster.
  • Enable business continuity
  • Ensure return to operations
A hybrid tailored solution that meet the innovative requirements you are looking for

Centralized orchestration


Secondary connection
4G LTE failover


data storage & backup
tier-3 datacenter


new site interconnection
4 hours

Centralized orchestration


  • Manages multiple connections, from LTE to broadband, MPLS and Layer 2 connectivity
  • Partitions and secures traffic across an enterprise’s wide area network (WAN)
  • Each business SD-WAN implementation is managed from a centralized orchestrator
  • Monitors network activity and alerts your company and SD-WAN vendor in case there is any issues.

Secondary connection

4G LTE Failover

When the primary Internet connection fails or experiences packet loss or latency spikes, SD-WAN technology switches traffic over to a secondary connection. 4G LTE wireless is particularly advantageous as an Internet failover connection for several reasons including:

  • Diversity: 4G LTE wireless does not rely on last-mile wired connectivity and offers an entirely diverse connection from a primary wireline connection.
  • Cost Efficiency: From a failover perspective, the cost benefits of 4G LTE are considerable compared to additional wireline connections.
  • Simplicity: Deploying 4G LTE as a backup is plug-and-play.

Allow transition between cloud and on-premises environments seamlessly and can even protect against future outages.

Tier 3 datacenter

Data storage & backup

  •  Third-party server hosting and cloud resources to restore business operations after a catastrophic event
  • Data backup to prevent vital data loss
  • Replication of production and processes on a temporary infrastructure
  • Migration back to the original server after the threat has passed

Tailored SD-WAN 4G solution

New site interconnection within 4 hours

  •  Access to your data hosted in a Tier 3 Datacenter with a speed of 2 to 10 Mbps
  • Deployment of a radio dedicated link to interconnect your new site with 100 Mbps dedicated bandwidth for 30 days

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