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Network Services

Dedicated Internet

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is a connection, delivered via Ethernet or private-line circuits.

  • Bandwidth is not shared
  •  Provides business-grade features and high speed
  • Constant access to cloud applications or often stream videos or webinars
  • Enhanced communication of high-volume emails, instant messages and video calls
  • Dedicated bandwidth makes transferring and sharing files easier
Make your corporate network simple, secure, reliable and cost effective

Managed Services


  • Provides more intelligent, software defined way to build a WAN
  • Improves productivity, gives higher quality of experience, accelerates initiatives, and reduce costs
  • Creates a virtual overlay network with application-aware routing, enabling interconnexion between your branches and multiple remote locations
  • Turnkey solution that offers software-based control to provide a highly secure, scalable and reliable virtual network

Network Services


  • Perfect for multi-site businesses to improve connectivity by reducing costs
  • Speeds ranging from 2Mb to 10Gb,
  • Wide choice of access technologies
  • Building your worldwide private corporate network can be achieve faster

A tailored solutions
for each site

Bring the content more
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Network Services

IP Transit

Thanks to its peering and connection to regionals exchange points, the Internet content is made available with a very low latency to all Rofa Network customers.

Network Services


Carrier Grade High speed and low latency network

We connect Internet Service Providers and Content Providers to our high-quality IP network.
Rofa Network provides the fastest and most reliable internet experience available anywhere. We own and operate the Autonomous System AS327829 , providing scalability

Reliable & fully managed colocation services in Tiers 3 environment

Managed Services

Colocation / Hosting

  • Extend or exit your Information System, by hosting and managing your infrastructure in Tier 3 facilities
  • Eliminate capital expenses (CAPEX) of maintaining the physical aspects of your data center ( floor space, electricity supply, air conditioning) while keeping control of your servers, storage, network and security
  •  Relies on global Tier 3 Data Centers and our low latency network

Managed Services

Bandwidth on Demand

Adapt the network to your needs and pay as you go

  • Enterprise customers need flexible WAN services that can be activated and modified with the same speed and ease as their cloud services
  • Our Bandwidth on Demand service helps customers to meet fluctuating bandwidth needs while only paying for the data they use

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